Advanced Biometric Solutions

Trusted by Many

My experiences with Lakota have been outstanding. Our company has worked with them on DOD contracts and have a great deal of respect for their abilities. What stands out the most to me is their ability to take a project from concept to delivery rapidly with very little revisions. They are easy to communicate with and always meet their deadlines. I highly recommend Lakota!

Kasey Wertheim,
Complete Consultants Worldwide

I have known the founders of Lakota Software Solutions for years and they have a tremendous reputation in the industry. Lakota employs only top-notch software engineers and quality people. I never cease to be amazed at just how good this company is at seeing the big picture, outlining the best approach, and producing incredible work in a short amount of time. Any chance to work with Lakota is a true pleasure and memorable experience.

Randy Hefner,
Galaxy Global & TMC Technologies

Our company extends from decades of experience and forward thinking.

Built Upon Reputation

We strive to provide innovative software solutions to our customers that are simply the fastest and most effective on the market. We understand that a company is only as grand as its latest project, and that’s why we never settle for good enough. Our reputation is based on our satisfied repeat clients year after year.

Unparalleled Expertise

We hire and retain only the most sought after, most motivated, and most creative engineers to bear the most value for our customers. We have advanced the DoD ABIS, transformed the FBI’s NGI system, and shifted millions of records from legacy systems into new-generation mission critical systems.

Resourceful Thinking

We take great pride in saving our Federal Government and fellow U.S. taxpayers money by budgeting wisely and providing more for less. In these tough economic times, it is critical to follow a zero waste policy. That’s why, unlike typical government contractors, we ensure every employee is adding value without duplicity.

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