The most advanced ANSI/NIST-ITL and EBTS software development kit on the market.

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Versatile Across Biometric Specifications

Ani is a cross-platform software library that enables an application to read, write, edit, and verify ANSI/NIST-ITL formatted transaction files. It is fully customizable to support any specification, including the latest Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Defense (DoD), NATO, Interpol, European Asylum Dactyloscopy (EURODAC), and more.

Pure Java Implementation For Seamless Integration

Ani was built from the ground up to be easily integrated into virtually any biometric related application regardless of the platform. Ani is 100% Java so you can rest assured that your application remains inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) removing the risk of running native code.

*We also offer a C# .Net Core version.

Full transaction verification support

Ani provides a fully customizable verification engine to quickly identify specification violations. The engine includes a full suite of common verification functions as well as an easy-to-use JavaScript API. It even supports Aware’s verification file format to make transitioning to Ani a breeze. Ani is the engine behind our new ATF Form 4 EFT file creator.

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All-inclusive software package

Unlike other products on the market, there is no need to purchase an additional image support library for WSQ and JPEG-2000 formatted images. Ani comes fully integrated with Lakota Image, which includes the industry’s first pure Java WSQ library to be certified by the FBI. This integration makes image insertion and extraction completely seamless regardless of the record type and image file format.

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Key Features

  • Developer client/workstation licenses are provided free of charge
  • Image library included at no additional cost
  • Flexibly designed to support custom specifications (DoD EBTS, DOJ EBTS, NATO STANAG 4715, Interpol, and Eurodac)
  • No explicit memory deallocation required
  • Includes enhanced JavaScript API for custom verification
  • Supports Aware’s verification file format for easier transition
  • Supports conversion to and from National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) XML
  • Intelligently recovers data from corrupt transaction files
  • Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android
  • No dependencies on native libraries
  • Lower cost and more advanced than alternative to Aware’s NISTPack

Supported Specifications & Standards

  • DoD EBTS 1.2
  • DoD EBTS 4.1
  • FBI EBTS 10.0
  • NATO STANAG 4715
  • Interpol
  • Eurodac
  • West Virginia State Police (WVSP)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

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