State-of-the-art segmentation & sequence check SDK.

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Built from innovation

Sequence contains multiple advanced and state-of-the-art algorithms to accurately detect fingerprint orientation at a full 360-degrees, segment fingerprint images that are captured at extreme angles and accurately detect the fingerprint positions regardless of where they are located within the image.

Advanced orientation detection

Sequence’s advanced fingerprint orientation detection can accurately detect fingerprints that are completely upside down. This enables applications the ability to correct poor collections and increase the matching accuracy of the backend fingerprint systems. This technology can also be utilized to enable biometric collection devices the ability to capture fingerprints at any orientation and ensure the images are always oriented the correct way before being submitted. This allievates the need to have different configurations for left and right models, and reduces operator collection errors.

Integrated fingerprint matcher

Sequence contains Lakota’s fingerprint matching technology that enables applications accurately perform sequence checks to verify that the rolled fingerprints have been properly captured.

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Pure java implementation for seamless integration

Sequence was built from the ground up to be easily integrated into virtually any biometric related application regardless of the platform. Sequence is 100% Java so you can rest assured that your application remains inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) removing the risk of running native code.

Key Features

  • Highly accurate fingerprint sequence checking SDK
  • Supports fingerprint images captured from live and non-live scan
  • Full 360° fingerprint orientation detection
  • Right vs left hand detection
  • Advanced finger position detection algorithm
  • Pure Java implementation
  • Image library included at no additional cost
  • Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android
  • Advanced fingerprint segmentation at extreme angles

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