Lakota Image Acquisition

FBI Appendix F Certified image acquisition library

Key Features

Developer client/workstation licenses are provided free of charge
No dependencies on native libraries
Image library included at no additional cost
No explicit memory deallocation required
Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android

Supports full duplex scanning at 500 dpi

FBI Appendix f certified library

Lakota Image Acquisition (LIA) is cross-platform JAVA library for acquiring images from hardware scanners and meets the FBI Appendix F specification.  LIA is certified with multiple scanners at specific resolutions to scan fingerprint cards.  


LIA was built from the ground up to be easily integrated into virtually any biometric-related application regardless of the platform. LIA is 100% Java so you can rest assured that your application remains inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) removing the risk of running native code.  The library is also incorporated into other Lakota applications, Whorl and RIAC.