FD-258 to EFT Conversion

Lakota provides an affordable service ($25/card) to help you convert paper fingerprint cards (FD-258) to the electronic fingerprint transmission (EFT) file type. Our software was built out of the experience our engineers gained from developing the FBI, Dept. of Defense, and Dept. of Homeland Security biometric databases. These agencies also use our exact application to convert the files (Whorl) for their everyday biometric processes. Not only that, the FBI and DoD also use our Ani SDK (the backbone behind our Whorl application) to check every biometric file submission coming in and every response file going out for compliance against their respective biometric specifications. No other company offering card conversion services has the experience and knowledge we have gained!

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Process Steps:

  • Obtain your inked fingerprints through a local service or order an ink kit from Amazon
  • We email the file back to you as a compliant .EFT file
  • Scan your inked fingerprint card at 600 dpi (or higher) resolution to a PDF file
  • Save the .EFT file wherever necessary
  • Email the PDF file to Sales@LakotaSoftware.com
  • Take the file to your local FFL to finish eForm application

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