Application Development

Full-System Integration

As a system integrator, Lakota combines commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), government-off-the-shelf (GOTS), open source, and/or custom-developed components into a fully functional system.

With a broad range of capabilities through the systems/software development life cycle, Lakota is able to plan and implement systems from concept through deployment, operations, and maintenance. In addition, with our agile development expertise and in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies, we can ensure that the new development efforts will remain relevant by the time they are deployed. Lakota stands out from the rest because we do not believe in overcomplicating problems to drag schedules out or to create more positions to obtain more revenue. When it comes to system development, it is proven that smaller teams function far more efficiently with less defects than the larger teams. Unlike the rest, we are able to build higher quality systems with far fewer resources, less defects, and a shorter time to operations. This equates to a more stable system overall.

Since 2007, we have been supporting FBI, DoD, DHS, and NASA programs, allowing us to gain vast knowledge and expertise in biometric systems and software tools development.

Through this experience, we have created fast and reliable products that provide our customers with accurate information to make real-time decisions!

  • Large-scale highly available fault tolerant multimodal biometric identification systems
  • Facility/Plant automation systems
  • Disaster recovery systems
  • Mobile biometric identification systems

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