Rapid Image Acquisition and Conversion (RIAC). FBI Appendix F-certified Card Scanning Solution

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Build custom card scanning workflows using our LIA library

Lakota’s Rapid Image Acquisition & Conversion (RIAC) application provides the ability to rapidly collect fingerprint or palmprint card images from a document scanner using Lakota’s FBI Appendix-F certified LIA SDK.

Pure Java Implementation For Seamless Integration

LIA and RIAC were built from the ground up to be easily integrated into virtually any biometric related application regardless of the platform. Our software is 100% Java so you can rest assured that your application remains inside the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) removing the risk of running native code.

Versatile Cross-Platform GUI

RIAC is an application that provides the end-user with an interface to facilitate many different documentation scanning workflows. Quickly scan a large number of documents to the file system in many different image formats and resolutions. The application will display file paths for all scanned documents to make viewing the scanned images a breeze.

Save Time And Effort By Extracting Contextual Information In Multiple Ways

Encode any barcode with contextual information and RIAC will read and decode that information during the scanning process. The application also supports OCR to automatically read and convert Type 2 information thus eliminating manual data entry.

Key Features

  • Obtain FBI Appendix F certified images using our LAKOTA IMAGE ACQUISITION (LIA) library
  • Automatic NIST file conversion (using our Whorl plugin)
  • High speed, full duplex card scanning (Using the Fujitsu fi-7600 scanner) & custom card templating
  • Image library included at no additional cost
  • Supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to increase efficiency and reduce manual data entry
  • No explicit memory deallocation required
  • Encode/Decode contextual information using barcodes (eliminate data entry by encoding contextual information and mapping to desired NIST fields)
  • Includes enhanced JavaScript API for custom verification
  • Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android

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