Biometric Software & Hardware Companies

Lakota Software Solutions for Commercial Biometric Companies

Lakota Software Solutions actively supports the commercial biometric industry by working with software developers, hardware creators, and systems integrators.

Through a comprehensive approach to biometrics, Lakota can support private organizations in the following ways:

  • Provide software developers with application support and hardware supplementation
  • Provide hardware developers with reliable software applications
  • Help integrators complete their biometric puzzle pulling together that right software and hardware solutions to create a truly robust solution.


A powerful and customizable platform to simply collect fingerprints through any livescan device or build a complete enrollment workstation

  • Whorl easily integrates into government and commercial systems allowing their users to connect seamlessly with their automated biometric identification systems (ABIS).
  • Whorl provides a gateway to any ABIS which prevents vendor lock-in giving their clients the ability to build their biometric system to the right size and scope.
  • The Whorl solution can be set-up easily in a matter of minutes at virtually any workstation.
  • Capture palm and tenprints (flats/rolled) by plugging any livescan device into your system (ask us how we can help you obtain the best devices!)
  • Create, edit, and validate NIST files to ensure compliant submissions are being sent for enrollment and identification.
  • Collect iris, face, and SMTs
  • Develop custom workflows to meet your needs through various plugins (e.g., exporting, printing, etc.)


An application designed to simplify the fingerprint card scanning process

  • Supports any card layout and batch scanning
  • Reads both sides of the card extremely fast by using the FBI-approved Fujitsu fi-7600 scanner
  • Utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Automatically converts the scanned documents to NIST files using our Whorl plugin