Law Enforcement

We offer custom solutions for Forensic, Investigative, and Livescan biometric systems. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.


State-specific Livescan Submissions

Although Lakota is FBI Appendix F certified for card scanning and livescan, we have only achieved state certification for West Virginia (WV). Each state brings their own complexities to becoming certified but we are able and willing to go through the process if there's enough interest. Please email if you would like to see us pursue certification in your state!

International Livescan

Our software supports NIST file creation for the Eurodac, Interpol, and NATO STANAG 4715 standards. If there is another international standard you would like us to pursue, please email

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Our biometric applications work for Police, Sheriff’s Departments, and Border Patrol

Many law enforcement agencies still depend on the inefficient, often ineffective, slow, and outdated process of collecting fingerprints with ink cards. This leads to dangerous delays in reporting and potentially lets suspects fall through the cracks which could, in turn, lead to avoidable crime.

Other solutions require substantial financial investment and have a steep learning curve, but now, Lakota Software is bringing it’s new, streamlined, cost-effective, and simple solutions to local law enforcement agencies everywhere.

Lakota can build a solution to meet your needs and budget – empowering your officers with accurate information so they can make real-time decisions on the front lines.

Whorl - Livescan

A powerful and customizable platform to simply collect fingerprints through any livescan device or build a complete enrollment workstation

  • Whorl easily integrates into government and commercial systems allowing their users to connect seamlessly with their automated biometric identification systems (ABIS).
  • Whorl provides a gateway to any ABIS which prevents vendor lock-in giving their clients the ability to build their biometric system to the right size and scope.
  • The Whorl solution can be set-up easily in a matter of minutes at virtually any workstation.
  • Capture palm and tenprints (flats/rolled) by plugging any livescan device into your system (ask us how we can help you obtain the best devices!)
  • Create, edit, and validate NIST files to ensure compliant submissions are being sent for enrollment and identification.
  • Collect iris, face, and SMTs
  • Develop custom workflows to meet your needs through various plugins (e.g., exporting, printing, etc.)

RIAC - Card Scanning

An application designed to simplify the fingerprint card scanning process

  • Supports any card layout and batch scanning
  • Reads both sides of the card extremely fast by using the FBI-approved Fujitsu fi-7600 scanner
  • Utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Automatically converts the scanned documents to NIST files using our Whorl plugin

FIERCE - Facial Recognition

Forensic Image, Extraction, Clustering, and Export (FIERCE) is an application that automates the process of extracting facial images from multimedia and clustering them into manageable files for export.

  • Automatically extract faces from image, document, and video sources
  • Identifies and reports all traces of persons of interest within the multimedia
  • Build compliant EBTS submissions for detected identities using Whorl
  • Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Biometric Examination Workstation

A full suite of examination tools to enable your forensic teams with an easy-to-use application for analyzing fingerprints, latent prints, and faces. We utilized the expertise of real-world forensic specialists to build a system they would want to use!

    Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

    Let us help you build an ABIS that meets your requirements. We partner with the best biometric matching software companies from around the world to provide you with solutions that meet your size, scope, and budget. Not sure what you need? Contact or click the button below to schedule a free consultation!

    Our solutions don’t require a large investment, and there’s no long-term contract or commitment.

    Free 30-day trial of the applications so you can see how it works for your department.

    Lakota is also a certified reseller of hardware and livescan equipment and can help you obtain the best pricing for your department. We offer an extensive catalog of tablets, PC’s, fingerprint and palm print card scanners, printers, and more.