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How to create EFT files for ATF Form 4 transactions

If you're an FFL dealer looking for the tools you need to create EFT files for NFA Form 4 transactions, we have a solution for you!

Meet Whorl - the most advanced biometric file editor on the market

Whorl is a versatile software application for creating, editing and visualizing biometric files across any NIST-based specification

How to create EFT files

Lakota Software has decades of experience developing software to help you create compliant EFT files. It's one of our many specialties!

Learn more about NFA Gun Trusts

If you're an FFL dealer handling NFA or Class III transactions, you may want to help your customers with setting up a gun trust. Trusts give multiple people access to NFA items in the Trust and help future-proof the ownership of those items

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