Hardware and Software Biometric Companies

Lakota Software Solutions actively supports the commercial biometric industry by working with software developers, hardware creators, and systems integrators.

Through a comprehensive approach to biometrics, Lakota can support private organizations in the following ways:


  • Provide software developers with application support and hardware supplementation
  • Provide hardware developers with reliable software applications
  • Help integrators complete their biometric puzzle pulling together that right software and hardware solutions to create a truly robust solution.

Lakota Software Solutions for Commercial Biometric Companies

Below is a listing of the primary solutions Lakota can provide to commercial organizations:

  • Biometric Software Applications
    • Whorl
      • Biometric (NIST, EBTS, etc.) file creation and editing
      • Livescan fingerprinting and file creation
      • Multi-modal biometric collection and submission
    • RIAC – Document scanning, image acquisition, and automated NIST file conversion

  • Biometric Software Development Kits
    • Ani – biometric specification translation and compliance (EBTS)
    • Image – FBI Appendix F certified WSQ compression/decompression & encoding/decoding algorithms
    • Sequence – fingerprint sequence and orientation checking/correction
    • LIA – FBI Appendix-F certified image acquisition library (certified with the Epson V800 and Fujitsu fi-7600; supports full duplex scans)

  • Software development and integration services

To get more information, contact Lakota at (877) 870-6979 or schedule a consultation or solution preview HERE.