Creating EFT fingerprint files for ATF eForm 1 and eForm 4 applications has never been easier!

If you’re an FFL gun dealer handling NFA transactions, the ATF is now accepting electronic fingerprints for both Form 1 and Form 4 applications. To submit electronic fingerprints, you will need specialized software to create EFTs that are compliant with AFT and FBI specifications. Lakota Software Solutions has the software tools you need to create these files! Head over to our new site,, to order a fingerprint scanner and start creating EFT files today.

If you’re looking for an easy way to convert an FD-258 card to an EFT file, we provide that service, too.  Our fee is $30, and we aim to convert it on the same day. All we need is a scanned PNG copy (at 600 dpi) of your fingerprint card.

Then, you can head over to to create an account and sign up for either a Fingerprint Card Conversion subscription plan or purchase Card Conversion Credits.

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Pricing and More Info

Fingerprint Card Conversion Subscription
Plan is billed on a 30-day billing cycle based on the volume of card conversions performed within the billing period. This plan offers volume discounts where the more you do, the more you save. You will pay nothing if you do not perform any card conversion within the billing period.

Volume Discounts:

1 – $30.00/conversion
2-5 – $28.50/conversion
6-10 – $27.00/conversion
11-25 – $25.00/conversion
26-50 – $23.00/conversion
51+ – $20/conversion

Card Conversion Credits

Credits are pre-purchased at $30.00/each and can be used to perform a card conversion. Visit the Products page after logging in to to purchase credits. After you subscribe to a plan or purchase credits, click on the ATF Card Conversion button and:

1. Enter the descriptive information
2. Scan the card to a PNG file at 600dpi or higher
3. Upload the scanned image in the Documents tab
4. Click the Submit Conversion button

Upon submission, one of our analysts will perform the conversion, and you will get a notification via email when it is complete. You will then need to log back into your EFTCreator account, where you can download the converted EFT file from the Transactions page.

Need help using your account? Here are some helpful videos:

How to install your fingerprint scanner device drivers and software:

How to create an EFT fingerprint file:

How to print an EFT file to a fingerprint card:

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Support Page

And if you need help buying an FBI-approved fingerprint scanner for capturing your customer’s fingerprints, we can help with that, too.

**NOTE: We currently support the following fingerprint scanners:

Integrated Biometrics

learn more about the kojak fingerprint scanner learn more about the five-o fingerprint scanner


learn more about the quattro compact fingerprint scanner learn more about jenetric fingerprint scanners


learn more about the i3 digID mini fingerprint scanner also supports these fingerprint scanners:

HID (Crossmatch) – Lscan and Guardian models

Thales DactyScan84c

Suprema RealScan G-10

Contact us to ask about adding support for your existing scanner.

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